About Us

My name is Thembi Hama. I’m a qualified former Accountant with over 15yrs of Corporate Experience & a professional Life Coach with Clients ranging from Students to Entrepreneurs. In addition, I own a Recruitment & Training Company. I reside in Johannesburg North with my husband & two teenage daughters.

I founded PA4Hire alongside a team of mature stay at home moms with different Professional backgrounds as well as a variety of skills, talents & resources. Being a mom is a constant, endless ticker of urgency, delicacy, strategy, multi-tasking, execution, rest and repeat. Whether it’s getting the work report done before deadline or making muffins for the first time, or perhaps sitting through the dreaded birds and the bees talk, we have done it all and now we want to help make your life easier by saving you money, time, energy and quite frankly, your sanity!

We are available to assist you with your personal, office & household tasks at affordable & flexible rates. We work virtually and are also mobile throughout Johannesburg.


Personal /Office Assistance

  1. Secretarial /Admin Assistance
  2. Personal Errands Services
  3. Virtual Assistance
  4. Coaching Services
  5. Writing & Speaking Services
  6. Service Provider Referrals

Domestic Assistance

  1. Personal Chef Services
  2. Babysitting Services
  3. Tutor & Homework Assistance
  4. House Sitting & Home Organising
  5. Pet Care & Plant Care
  6. Domestic Staff Training, Placements & Management
  7. Caregiving Services

Billing Options

Choose between any of the three customised billing options:

  1. Hourly
  2. Per Project
  3. Monthly Retainer
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Domestic Placements & Training


Life Coaching Services