Dear Working Moms & Dads, do you sometimes get stuck or tired & wonder how you are going to do it all? It’s a lot of time consuming but necessary and rewarding work between caring for your precious little ones, your beautiful home & attending to your own personal needs. Perhaps you occasionally need an extra pair of hands while you;

1. Go out on a date

2. Enjoy some quality me time

3. Attend an important meeting

4. Go shopping, attend to bill payments or errands

5. Have quiet, uninterrupted time at home to study or work

6. Go to the hair salon

7. Host an adults only function at home

8. Travel out of town

Whatever the reasons and circumstances, we’ve got you! We will help you with the following;

1. Personal Chef Services -Cooking & Baking of bulk meals for the week!

2. Errands Services -Grocery Shopping, Gift Shopping, Dry Cleaning, Package Delivery, Pharmacy, Salon Appointments, Doctors Appointments, Handymen Bookings, Restaurant Reservations etc.

3. Babysitting -Infants, Toddlers & Primary School Ages

4. Tutor & Homework Help -Grade 1 -12 (Select Subjects)

5. Pet Care -Dog Walking, Feeding, Grooming & Vet Appointments

6. House Sitting and Plant Care -Maintenance & peace of mind while you are away

7. Household Organiser -Cupboards, Closets, Rooms, Decluttering, Reorganising & Packing

8. Moving Assistance -Packing & Unpacking, Confirming Movers, Organising Boxes, Change of Address

9. Party & Event Staffing -Organising Cleaners, Sitters, Catering etc.

10. Holiday Planner -Destination Research, Managing Calendars, Hotel, Ground Transport & Accommodation

11. House Waiting -Furniture Deliveries, Signing for Packages, Monitoring Contractors, Plumbers, Electricians etc.

12. Domestic Staff Management -Systems Implementation, Housekeepers & Nanny Training & Placements Services

13. Domestic Worker Consultancy -Background Checks, UIF, Contracts & Labour Law Guidance

14. Family Coaching – Wellness & Mediation Services

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